STP WebHosting is a joint venture of the STP Software Group & Neurosoft Inc, USA. STP Software Group has currently established their hub for the IT Solutions in Medical Transcription, CAD Services, Data Entry Services and 4 - Color Graphics solution development. STP is offering wide range of software solutions pertaining to ECommerce, Mobile Solutions, Operating System Solutions, Graphic Services.

Since we opened our doors in 1999, we are continuously offering our customers, small and large, the top notch hosting services. For proof, look at our numbers: We host tens of thousands of Web sites and applications for clients based in U.S. state and in countries from Australia to Greenland, Singapore to Yemen, Japan to Zimbabwe.

Consider, too, our newest data center—the latest in a series of advanced Web hosting complexes we're building around the world. Equipped with the finest hardware and software, it supports our customers' Web sites and applications with exceptional redundancy, reliability, speed, and security. With the datacenter tour you must be confidence about why we are offering 99.8% uptime guarantee.

All across the world More than 17,000 customers are now relaying on Hosting solutions offered by STP Webhosting.

Our commitment :

In today's always-on world, a company's Web site is critical to its ability to compete and succeed. At STP, we recognize our mission-critical role. Our top priority is to provide high-quality, reliable services and topnotch customer service to all customers. We are pleased that this dedication has been recognized by our by our clients -- that proves our industry quality control measurement.